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KnownHost Expands Its VPS Hosting Services

In the beginning of this week, the web hosting provider KnownHost announced that they have expanded their VPS hosting offers to now include a data center in New Jersey. Together with this one, KnownHost now has three data centers, the other two located in Texas and California. The New Jersey data center is the third one to be brought online in the last six years by KnownHost. In addition to this, KnownHost also now monitors 201 physical servers.

As Justin Sauers, KnownHost CEO, put it, “Our growth is allowing us to rapidly invest in more managed virtual private server offerings. Adding our third data center allows our customers to have more flexibility and reinforces our commitment to providing the best products and the most reliable support in the industry.”

The Piscataway, New Jersey data center, selected by KnownHost, has resources for support within the surrounding New York City metro area via six transit providers. This Net2EZ data center was opened in June 2011 and boasts of 176,200 square feet of raised floor space.

The data center’s uptime is reportedly 99.967 percent. It has also been ranked as a leading Managed VPS Host by HyperSpin, a website monitoring and ranking service.


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